Pet Owners Treating Sick Animals With CBD Oil

Cannabis oil is becoming so popular in some regions of the US that pet owners are using it to treat their sick furry friends.

Hemp Victory Garden CBD oil is a more holistic option than traditional means.

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t be using Western medicine – I’m just saying that a lot more people are starting to look more to a holistic option, because it comes with a whole lot less side-effects and a lot of times you’re getting the exact same results, if not better results.”

CBD oil doesn’t provide a high to human or pet users because it doesn’t contain THC, the active ingredient recreational users want.

“I have a cat who is terminally ill with some kind of cancer and I give it to him to help him sleep and be more comfortable, and eat more, and just live a happier life,” she told CBS.

Ms Curtis says she’s seen a noticeable difference in her cat’s wellbeing.

“We tried everything at the vet’s office from steroids to antibiotics, and certain types of things which make him lethargic or sick to his stomach. With this I don’t get any of those side-effects.”

CBD oil for pets comes in a range of forms from capsules to doggie treats.

Source: NewsHub