Mother of Special Needs Child Speaks Out about South Carolina Medical Cannabis Bill

Lawmakers are debating on the Senate floor as to whether or not medical marijuana should be legal in South Carolina.

Known as the ‘Compassionate Care Act’ authored by Sen. Tom Davis and Rep. Peter Mccoy, it would allow patients with debilitating medical conditions the chance to use medical cannabis.

In order to access the cannabis, the patient must have at least one qualifying medical condition as well as recommendation from a physician.

Mother, Judy Ghanem says right now she’s using organic hemp oil to help her 12 year old daughter Kira have less tantrums throughout the school day, but she says cannabis oil would be more effective.

“The reason I am looking to trying it as an alternative is because of her aggressive outbursts of violent behavior, to the point where  sheendangers herself and others.”Ghanem said.

Ghanem says Kira has autism, as well as a rare genetic duplication known as 16p+ and tethered cord syndrome. Ghanem says she has experienced terrible side effects from medication before.

“She had jerking movements in her mouth and she went through withdrawal symptoms when I took her off.” Ghanem

SLED Chief, Mark Keel told state senators that marijuana does not have any medical benefits and that law enforcement across the state has concerns with legistlation. News 13 reached out to him for an interview and he was not available for a comment.

Some lawmakers have also shared concerns that marijuana could get into the wrong hands, like Senator Kevin Johnson who represents Darlington and Florence. News 13 reached out to him and got no answer back.

Lawmakers have until April 10 to get the bill to the senate floor for a full vote, it would then land on the governor’s desk and he would have to sign it.